Each year, billions are spent in an attempt to change the behaviour of Australians – behaviour that represents a public or personal risk and which has an adverse impact on the society in which we live.

As part of this, an enormous amount of research is conducted across academia and in the commercial sphere to understand what underpins certain types of behaviours, to identify how to influence it and to track the impact of strategies over time.

With Sweeney Research and The Shannon Company, both being major players in Behaviour Change, we are often asked how one issue or strategy compares to another. It's a challenging question and the response is often contentious. As we reflected on it, we thought perhaps the best way to help provide a perspective is to press pause and ask Australians.

What keeps Australians awake at night?

  • Health
  • Road Safety
  • Work Safety
  • Discrimination
  • Gambling
  • Domestic Issues
  • Community Safety

Out of that thinking, Australia's Behaviour Concerns was born – the most comprehensive analysis of its type.

  • Over 4500 Interviews across Australia over 2013 and 2014
  • 34 Individual Issues across 7 core pillars (see chart opposite)
  • An Interactive Report that allows for bespoke analysis
  • Expert Interpretation drawing on our collective experience in Behaviour Change